The Essential Man (TEM.) is an independent men’s lifestyle brand based out of Los Angeles, California. We believe that less is more, which is why we create minimal design products with attention to detail and craftsmanship--the type of essentials that transcend time. Quality control is the foundation of our brand—because of this, all of our products are made and crafted in Los Angeles. There was a journey to this well-crafted mission statement though…

Our Backstory

It all began in 2011, on my laptop computer at probably every local Los Angeles coffee shop—my office at the time. The Essential Man started out as an online journal, where I shared my perspective on style and how it translated into everyday life. I quickly found that there were other every day guys, interested in looking good, who wanted simple clothing that focused on detail and quality craftsmanship. I decided that I needed to create what I (WE) were looking for. It started with what I wore every day. A five-panel camp cap, a graphic tee, a tote bag and a pocket notebook. I was eager to launch shirting, but I had some perfecting to do, so I started creating ties, pocket squares and handkerchiefs.

Two years later—hundreds of notebooks, sketches, samples and fabrics, a few more team members, an office space and a whole lot of elbow grease— and we’ve created a brand that we are proud of. We’ve garnered a community of men and women from all types of backgrounds that proudly sport our gear. As the brand continues to expand into shirting and home goods—craftsmanship will always be paramount to TEM. We won’t create anything that we wouldn’t wear and we damn sure won’t make anything that we don’t believe in.

Essential | Quality Craftsmanship | Consistency

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